Books & Love hearts

Lulu Imani Tunya was born on the 8th of February 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya. Her parents Grace and Bonney Tunya knew she would be precious and unique. At School Lulu did exceptionally well and remained fiercely independent. She would only ask for help when she was completely unable to figure it out. Even when she missed school due to illness she would quickly catch up and still outperform her peers.

Lulu picked up reading fast when she discovered her favourite place in school, the library. She could finish a whole book within hours. she always had books in her room she had borrowed and planned to read. At the encouragement of her parents, she tried her hand at many other things like sports and coding but still gravitated towards her first love, the power of story that books possessed.

At only 8 yet classy and fashionable she talked about going to France and fancied visiting the Eifel Tower. Her worldview and imagination were perhaps fueled by the many journeys she took to magical places through reading books. To her books were not just pages and words but countless voyages to paths unchartered.

Lulu was diagnosed with sickle cell disease when she was ten months old, despite the pain and numerous hospital visits she lived a joyous and happy life in the inseparable company of her younger sister and best friend Hawi. Making friends was second nature to Lulu, her beautiful smile and her characteristic love heart sign were the glue that held everyone together. Lulu left this world on the 2nd of July 2022 in the arms of her parents. The Lulu Memorial Library is in honour of a little girl who loved to read.

 We Knew she would be special and unique.

Bonney and Grace Tunya

Remembering Lulu: A Journey of Curiosity, Love, and the Power of Reading

In the heart of our school library, there was a vibrant soul named Lulu Tunya, whose love for books and insatiable curiosity left an indelible mark on our lives. Although her time with us was short, her memory continues to shine brightly in the hearts of everyone who had the privilege of knowing her. Lulu’s frequent visits to the library were a testament to her passion for reading, learning, exploration and questioning the convention. From the moment she stepped through the library doors, her eyes would sparkle with excitement, eagerly scanning the shelves for books. Her enthusiasm for reading was infectious, inspiring her friends to explore the library alongside her.

Everyone knew if Lulu was not in class, either early in the morning or during her free time, she could only be in one place-her happy place, her favourite space, the library and never alone but with her friends and books. Lulu’s inquisitive nature and thirst for knowledge gave her a vibrant personality as she constantly sought answers to life’s many questions. Whether it was engaging in spirited discussions during library lesson debates or teaching her classmates new
vocabulary in and out of class, or teaching her peers how to correctly pronounce words. Lulu left an enduring impact on all who knew her. May this library serve as a beacon of light, inviting students to embark on their own intellectual journeys, just as Lulu did. Let us celebrate her life and the incredible
mark she left on our hearts, for Lulu’s story will forever remind us of the transformative power and joy of reading.

– Steve Wambua, School Librarian