Lulu's Legacy: Inspiring Through the Power of Words

Welcome to Lulu's Memorial Library, a place dedicated to celebrating the remarkable spirit of Lulu Imani Tunya. As you explore this space, immerse yourself in the magic of books and honor Lulu's love for reading. Let her contagious passion ignite your imagination, fuel your curiosity, and remind you of the transformative power of words. Join us on this inspiring journey as we preserve Lulu's memory, foster education, and create a community united by the joy of storytelling. Together, let's continue Lulu's legacy and embrace the limitless possibilities that lie within the pages of a book.

About us

The consistent interaction with storybooks coupled with the freedom of self-expression enables children to build a correlation between stories and real-life experiences, positioning them for lifelong learning. Lack of access to libraries not only denies children the gift of imagination but also the gift of dreaming and the desire to be more than that which is within their reach. School libraries are more than just buildings that children are obligated to go to during library lessons. They are safe havens that serve as an escape from the harsh realities of life. They are a collection of stories that expose children to a world beyond their homes and communities. They are a symbol of hope that motivate children to continue striving despite all odds.

The Lulu Memorial Library project is a tribute in honour of a little girl who loved to read. LML will serve as a centre of excellence and inspiration towards promoting a reading culture among children with limited or no access to books.

The LML board identified Korowe primary school in Nyando constituency, Kisumu county as an most need public educational facility that promises the highest impact. Kisumu County has three libraries covering the vast student population.

A library is the only single place you can go to learn something new, be terrified, thrilled, saddened, overjoyed or excited, all in one day. And for free.”

~ Amy Neftger

Who is Lulu

A quick glance at her photos and unique attributes.

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Love for Learning

She was dedicated to books and her insatiable curiosity reflects the value of continuous pursuit of knowledge.


Lulu's imagination was nurtured through her love for books, which took her on countless journeys to magical places


She preferred to figure things out on her own and only asked for help when necessary

Resilience and Joy

Despite her illness and frequent hospital visits, Lulu lived a joyous and happy life

A glance at the library project