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The Lulu Memorial Library is a center of excellence in honor of a little girl who loved to read.

Why Build a Library

Did you know that storybooks form the building blocks for language and critical literacy skills?  Research shows that storybooks stimulate the mind, spark creativity and imagination, and enhances critical thinking translating into academic success. Yet, most public primary schools in Kenya do not have libraries.

 Libraries provide an informal set-up for children to make a connection with what they are reading, freely explore and imagine.

The consistent interaction with storybooks coupled with the freedom of self-expression enables children to build a correlation between stories and real-life experiences, positioning them for lifelong learning. Lack of access to libraries not only denies children the gift of imagination but also the gift of dreaming and the desire to be more than that which is within their reach.

School libraries are more than just buildings that children are obligated to go to during library lessons. They are safe havens that serve as an escape from the harsh realities of life. They are a collection of stories that expose children to a world beyond their homes and communities. They are a symbol of hope that motivate children to continue striving despite all odds.

The Lulu Memorial Library project is a tribute in honour of a little girl who loved to read. LML will serve as a centre of excellence and inspiration towards promoting a reading culture among children with limited or no access to books.

The LML board identified Korowe primary school in Nyando constituency, Kisumu county as a most at need public educational facility that promises the highest impact. Kisumu County has three libraries covering the vast student population.

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How Far We've Come

Engagement with the school management board of Korowe Primary School